Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

We offer window cleaning at both residential and commercial premises all around the Essex & Suffolk regions.

We use both a water-fed pole system, as well as traditional manual cleaning, depending on the circumstances. Both methods deliver excellent results:

Pure Water Treatment

Currently this is the most advanced window cleaning approach. Pole fed cleaning with de-ionised filtered water has reduced the need for traditional cleaning methods, which were usually performed from a ladder. This method is a much more effective, and safer, way of cleaning your windows.

The soft bristle brush removes dirt and smears on the glass. The pure water can then be left to dry naturally without leaving water stains. This technique means windows stay cleaner for longer, as there is no detergent residue to mix with rain and create stains.

Pure Water Windows

Traditional window cleaning

Unlike the water-fed pole method, we applying a cleaning solution to the window with an applicator and then clean it off manually with the use of a squeegee to get rid of dirt and chemicals from your glass.

This method is best for cleaning your domestic or commercial windows from the inside, as the windows are left clean and dry with any dirty water wiped away.

Traditional Window Cleaning

Pure Water Windows provide a competitive price alongside a professional service. Give us a call or text message now on 07840 875303 or submit an enquiry via our Contact Form.